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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Ad or Post will be live and online for 30 days FREE.

You can post as many Ads as you want FREE, remember the more you post, there more you helping someone out there who needs your medicine.

If you can go and read through our Terms and Conditions page, its clearly stated that we do not accept or allow any kind of payment through our platform. It is absolutely FREE. Only thing we provide is the platform for people to help is each, we do not go beyond that.

In our Privacy Policy page we give our word that we do not use, your contact details against your will. Everything Cure Share does is within your best interest and we would never violate your rights at any level.

You can include a web site address in the main body of your ad, we do not permit URL’s in the title. URL’s are permitted for the following reasons:

  • Link to additional product information
  • Link to a page with more pictures
  • Link to a page with an alternate contact method
  • Please note that links on Cure Share will not be clickable.

Ads that are just a URL will be removed, every ad must be descriptive and informative so that users can make an informed decision before choosing to navigate to another URL. We also do not allow links that are designed solely to redirect traffic to another website.

Absolutely not. All features are absolutely FREE. You don’t need to pay for any anything.

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